New Players? Where ya at?

09/02/19 12:27
I've been away for 7-8months and when I returned all I see are the old guys? No offense to the Old Dogs still grinding it out but where is the New Blood?

Don't be scared to talk in the Forum...speak up, be heard, make your Mark. It's half the fun, making new friends and enjoying the Game so....

Sound off.... Whether your a New Player, Returning Player or a Vet with a New Team... Give your name and Guild and let's see who is here????

... Z ...
09/02/19 12:28
Z-Nation Militia.... Z Nation Empire
UnDead Militia..... (no Guild)
09/02/19 14:55
Jammin Giants.... Pimps
09/02/19 15:18
The Maddogs - The Brotherhood - 2 year vet
09/02/19 17:45
Streifenkarl - pimps - youngster lol
09/02/19 23:06
Lehigh Valley Outlawz (Lvo)

09/02/19 23:12
Rally around Family with a pocket full of Shells...... BullZ on Parade "Empire"..... GhostZ of Tom Joad " Z Nation Empire"
10/02/19 00:04
Who are you calling old?
10/02/19 00:24
Lmao @ Jason.... what's up Brother? Or better yet...old
10/02/19 21:12
I bet Jason could still throw the pigskin with his cane. hahaha