Red team blue team

04/02/19 10:40
Damn Clouds, my apologies. I MUST be fu*ked up tonight, I thought I was playing you in a friendly match, it was your guildmates San Diego. I guess I was lost in the Killer
04/02/19 11:20
You got me tonight, Clouds, I wasted 3 training games on your ass. No more, I give...for tonight. Of course, you unknowingly had a little help, a wife who HATES me playing this game and a 2 year old who somehow always wants my attention right when I start a game(that holds true for both of them.)
04/02/19 12:56
Boobs and Beer make the world a better place!
04/02/19 15:10
There are days that drunk me... does some very fun stuff... there are others that involve fingerprints and flashing lights
04/02/19 16:42
My bad...Boobs and Bourbon.
04/02/19 16:53
Pop a top and have a brew
04/02/19 22:20
Never been there Pack and never will be. This was all in good fun and friendly banter between guilds. Jesus Christ when did you all become women? If I offended anybody, I'm sorry. Had no idea there were so many sandy vaginas. I expected all to laugh, not get butthurt.

Side note: I like boobs, beer and bourbon!
30/11/19 03:49
stop saying rude stuff! and dont use that foul language!