#1 now recruiting.

27/06/18 18:46
We are on the lookout for active teams who must be willing to participate in guild challenges & follow some basic guidelines, enjoy a bit of banter & looking to have a laugh.

If that sounds good to you please play any of the leaders twice & we will pop an invite out to you.

Cheers Greybeard Griffins.
28/06/18 04:19
Ouch I played against hawk I'm still learning but in a dead guild I'm active but I just don't really know what to upgrade mostly it sucks being in a guild with no chat

29/06/18 02:11
It would help if you stated your team name guest GIZ... just an innocent bystander here.
29/06/18 07:53
Cheers Jammin, invite has been sent out, but I believe it's a bit of kidology from the ghosts!

Greybeard Griffins.
02/07/18 02:44
Ha! Hey Jamison, hey Greybeard, always fun playing you, actually, I saw this post and snagged him up. After I saw the playing Hawks, figured out who he was. Nice guy.
03/07/18 08:08
Haha it makes more sense now, you pipped in & snagged him first, I couldn't understand it when I saw he was at the ghosts, btw just so I can put a team to your name as I seem to have a lot of battles against you guys! Lol
04/07/18 10:11
LOL. My bad. I am Myrtle Beach Raiders. Grey, I think you and played each other maybe 7 times in two days at a stretch, between map, tourney and a champs game. Always fun, and challenenging. Back and forth.
04/07/18 19:44
Cheers Jason, great team you've got there, yeah we've been going at it for a while now, always good games, look forward to more in the future

All the best Griff
05/07/18 02:02
Same to you, my friend. LOL, sorry for stealing Seahawks. Just luck of the draw.

Honestly, players like you are what keeps me going. Have no idea what is going to happen. It is competition, and I love so hats off to you sir!
05/07/18 07:28
Thanks for that mate, it's a pleasure playing people who have a similar mindset, yes we all want to win but not at any cost, competition is essential to drive anyone on, it can only make players/teams stronger if we all strive to get better so we can get the better of a tough opponent

No worries about Seahawks you got there first & I'm sure you put him on the right path.

I'm sure I will see you again on the field of play, let the battles reign