Players for loan between Guild members

23/03/19 06:11
This option should be considered, another way to make a guild more usefull and to help each other. Especially those who dont have pack players and those who dont have any players to make substitution
23/03/19 19:14
The only way I could see this as being a viable option is if you could have a max of 5 players on loan to you at any one time, Otherwise the system would get abused I also don't entirely agree with this because for example I run a guild where i have a level 86 account some of my members are only level 71 if I gave them my players they'd have a really good team without having to earn it or tactically improve . I think it would also be an unfair advantage if you was in a top team like legions and you setup a junior team and you gave your second team a mega player from your main side just because of the guild you're in nobody would compete with your junior side.
25/03/19 11:17
So you set up two teams put them both in the same guild & lets sat your original team is level 85 so you buy pack players who will be maxed out at level 85 settings & then loan them to your second team who is say level 75.

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