More suspicous things going on in the game

19/12/18 23:05
I have an account in club Twickenham we have just come up against a guild with a level 67 amazingly he has an entire first 11 minus 1 player age 24 to which i've got nothing wrong with that where I do suspect a high level of suspicious activity is the fact he's got a level 4 AH, yet if you go check his first 11 out not only are they the same age he's somehow magically managed to get his players over 340 rated at level 67 . So straight away I thought he's bought them then I looked up the training rates and thought he hasn't bought them because if he had they'd say 200% on the training side . Now there is no way with a level 4 AH you can generate enough rp to have a squad of over 340 rated at level 67 so can anyone at all explain just how is this possible?

For those wanting to view the team i'm on about please email me as I don't want my team screwing over by nitro last time I put my team name on here nitro ruined my season for me, and messed my settings up completely, so for that reason I'm keeping my team names off the forum as much as possible.

email is