New Update

21/02/19 12:43
I like much of the new update...

not sure why the massive raise in the bank

Gear prices seem high .. but it's an even playing field - I always hated that if you were in 1 sport shop section you may not see any lev 3 gear at all...for days and days.. meanwhile some of the other guys you play against start with there sports shop stocked with tons early on....

I love that this fixes the payroll CHEAT that many people have been using... looking forward to the massive drop of there guys on the AH,, wish they tracked them all down and reset them like they did in the old days when they busted you cheating....
but glad thats going away...

I love that we can make playbooks and set them to go off for game types now (I have to get to work on that)

I think that the being able to buy gear with gold gives a huge edge to the highest spenders,,,,, not sure how I like that part and i wish they would have just left it in game cash

I do not get Match Simulations.. why do you have too Accentuate the difference between 2 teams.. I build my team you build yours I make game plans you do too and we both set setting,,,, not sure what they are trying to change?
anyone got a handle on this one?

oh and I dont know about anyone else but I am not seeing better players in the Ah so far,,, at the highest lev for real what we need are MORE solid players.. not a few with a small bump in stats

I love they removes the cooldown for guild mates . makes testing faster and more fun

The GC tie change is wacky... but it just adds another layer to the gcs cause now you want to be the first one to get the most wins fast when you play even teams that may draw a tie

21/02/19 12:48
Agree with this but they are forgetting to make this game with the New Players in mind. Starting Teams at Level 11-13 recently is only a money grab. Your forced to suck for seasons or pay out money. They are pushing for cash so hard that new players are quiting within days and long time vets are as well.

Sucking the Fun out of the Game
... Z ...
21/02/19 15:22
well powering them up the ranks is insane...
you can be last place in your champ and still get promoted 1 lev
and if you win the champ its now a 3-4 lev jump depending on is they stick you i the next champ 1 lev below everyone else...

it's not easy to get points in for a 3 -4 lev jump... without spending to train for gold coins to train with there is no way to get your players maxed... so you either spend or you water down your build plan.... I HATE THAT

I liked the old way if you were behind you didnt promote for a season and it gave you a change to catch points up..

Rushing to the top levs of this game.. seems like it would be fun .. but most vets i know will tell you that the climb was indeed the fun part.... most anyway

21/02/19 16:48
I don't know if it's just me but wtf (I won't use WTH anymore lol) is meant by "strategy: you can no longer see individual player strategy instructions of other teams"?
21/02/19 17:15
I think when the play is on the field and it end it always pops up and says.. it ran from this folder

I have not looked but that is the only place i think that they could be talking about
21/02/19 17:15
we didn't trade mark WTH you can use it
21/02/19 20:16
Randy Young :

we didn't trade mark WTH you can use it

You guys should lol
22/02/19 04:41
It is from the soccer games, the devs are stupid and just copied and pasted the same update. In soccer, each player has their own sliders. You used to be able to see others settings.... no more. Wish they had player sliders here
22/02/19 11:47
thanks J man
22/02/19 20:40
My lil looks like he is running in mud today...