Match Fixing Part 3.

02/11/18 09:15
Good point gilou. He is terrible
02/11/18 10:39
Gilou Jak :

we must stop crying
Saruman you always play the teams after their tournament or championship matches. Are you so bad?

And which guild are you from then?? I don't regognise your name so you clearly are not that important. Ha ha ha. Yeah, I'm one of the worst, I mean I have been in the top leagues and in top guilds, but not fixed a single match to get there, so yeah, I'm terrible!!! Muppet.

I havn't had time to go through todays fixtures, but i will and will post accordingly. But an update from yesterdays fixers.....

Var Rugby V Seb French Flair.
02/11/18 10:41
Guest 4BK15N :

Good point gilou. He is terrible

Lol, another muppet. A fixer? Probably!! So we all play teams after other gmaes and after training. I also play teams when I know they are online, so its a bit of a mixed bag. Also, if I play teams just after they play other games doesnt that mean they are online so they can heal and sub?? Not exactly as sneeky as you make out now is it??? But you believe what you want princess and hide behind a guest name.

Much love,

02/11/18 11:39
I’m a small team,I’m not as good as you.In my little guild we are 20 players , in the ranking we go up we go down.we manage a little
02/11/18 12:12
List of games fixed last season in my league.... How can the final table represent the reality of the abilities of each team when 14 games have been fixed?

Match Team Score Team Score
16-Oct Gannac 0 Sharks 21
16-Oct Stockholm 0 Beijing 21
17-Oct Gilbert 0 Sharks 0
17-Oct The Purge 21 Gannac 0
18-Oct Sharks 0 The Purge 21
19-Oct RDC 21 Gannac 0
20-Oct Sharks 0 RDC 21
20-Oct Gannac 21 Beijing 0
21-Oct RDC 0 The Purge 21
22-Oct The Purge 0 Beijing 21
24-Oct Gannac 28 Stockholm 0
25-Oct Stockholm 0 Sharks 21
25-Oct Gilbert 0 Beijing 0
26-Oct The Purge 0 Stockholm 21
02/11/18 12:28
Jaks guild is better then yours will ever been saru. And don't lie you've never been in a good guild. You never will be either. You couldn't make a good team with 100m rps fool
02/11/18 12:39
Saruman la pleureuse! (Saruman the Mourner) Cordialement Cagnan
02/11/18 19:54
Guest 4BK15N :

Jaks guild is better then yours will ever been saru. And don't lie you've never been in a good guild. You never will be either. You couldn't make a good team with 100m rps fool

BAH HA HA HA HA! This is hillarious. Never been in a good guild? LMFAO! Have you seen the guild I'm RH in?? Blimey! We aint La Cag yet, we don't fix enough anywhere near enough games to stay at the top to be La Cag, but we are honest players who play the game under sound moral principle.

Couldn't build a good team, not even with 100m RP's?? So getting to #1 spot on the map, without piggy backing on guild mates, several times is the sign of a poor team? Ok then. Which team are you guest?? Come on, pipe up and I will happily play you, win, lose or draw, tell me your team and we will see.

I don't hide behind different names or stay anonymous, come find me in World Elite Fight Club, wouldnlove to tussle with such a great team such as yours. And which guild is Jacks?? Maybe we have a friendly GvG comp, 1 game each, winner takes the bragging rights?? Oh and don't lie about which team or guilds you are in, between our lot in our guild we know most of the top players and top guilds so we will soon out you.

Anyway, hope to beat you soon.

02/11/18 19:57
And the fixed matches that I have had time to find today are.....

Misfit V Wolves
Kahau V RDC.

Oh and Cagnan, I'm loving all these games the fixers at La Cag are throwing my way on the map. Lol. Getting practise for match fixing or summat??

Muchos Love,

02/11/18 20:06
You're smoking some strong dope there jim. I could text you anytime i want . just because I don't have my team set up on here doesn't mean I'm hiding from you. I've seen you get piggy backs before. You're only RH because you cane with ifc.. or should we say IMB.. Don't piggy back from your new guild leaders. They're a lot higher rated then you'll ever been.