Top 50 leader Jetstar

03/08/18 01:33
Started a new guild all are welcome! We will work together to get better. We will have anyone who wants to improve to be the best. Jetstar is the guilds name.
21/12/18 16:52
No offense Bug, but glad that guild didn't work out for you. We are so. happy you found a home in The Brotherhood. you make us better.
27/12/18 19:16
Well I try
27/12/18 19:52
ohh damm ,,, this is getting mushy now,,,,
27/12/18 19:57
haha I knew he didn't check the forums often... figured it would be something fun to find later. this was one of those days when we didn't get a GC right away. haha. I get bored and surf the forums... or completely redo my defenses. lol. this seemed like a better outlet of boredom at the time. but still glad Bug found us.