new idea.

28/06/17 03:49
Among my other ideas that are totally legit. Would anyone like to see a pre snap motion/shift for one offensive player? Probably way to hard to code that into the game. Thank god they've not put penalties in here. That would be too realistic and wouldn't be widely accepted. Just brainstorming here.
03/07/17 21:03
I liked it most when it was all screwed up and whoever had the ball last had to kickoff for the second half. This led to some interesting defenses and play calls on that last play of the half. Kind of a hot potato element to it. But, now that they have standardized the kickoffs so each side gets one (because this game has always been all about the realism), that element of strategy is gone.

There was always a trick and an art to scheming to get both of the kickoffs. If you could pull it off, that was a huge advantage. For weaker teams, being able to execute this was extremely helpful is being able to hang with teams that you probably wouldn't be able to hang with. Nothing was more fun than turning a probable loss into a narrow victory to me.
04/07/17 01:35
They really need to eliminate the Match Bonus. Honestly believe a lot of players would be happy and they might get back some that left. This really isn't American Football, more like a half ass attempt to be. I know they've got hardly a budget to boot but seriously they could listen better to what use users have to say. They ask for feedback, well here is your feedback. Damn the bugs and glitches, GET RID OF MATCH BONUS!
11/08/17 17:36
sam you are an idiot no the helmets dont anger me but little jobless retards like you do
15/08/17 11:19
Could do with more pageantry, team badge etc. Also guilds could do more with guilds.