Cut the run game please

01/06/17 23:08
So I just played a map game against a team 2 leagues and 13 stars higher than me. My top running back is awesomely stated but was on 92 percent health as I had just done a 4 hour training session. So I was a little surprised when every time he got the ball he scored a td. But then I wasn't because this game is so biased towards offensive run attacks. There were also two kick returns for tds.

So my point is, could you make it slightly harder to score a td from the run. 9 times out of ten a run should produce less than 10 yards. Recent changes have made it too easy and I don't throw the ball now until I'm winning by at least 2 scores
02/06/17 02:58
I see your point. However how many run plays vs Pass plays do you have. I've seen a lot more teams pass and use less running plays. It's rare but they're those out there that prefer the pass cause it nets more yards especially with a 1sec hold. And if you technically look at it you'll have 6 runs to 9 pass, so the bias is player base in my opinion.
02/06/17 08:26
Without going too much into my intricate tactics, they heavily favour run. The only time run doesn't work is against teams 5 or 6 levels above me. But in that case everytime I try to throw the ball I get sacked even on a 1s delay
02/06/17 16:29
Been thinking more about this. A kr or run td will often involve 2 or 3 dodges. You could put a stacking 20% penalty on successive dodges in the same play. Which would usually stop you at the Line of safeties, a gain of 10 to.15 yards
02/06/17 18:12
I have been playing this awhile, and I've started to view the offense vs. defense situation as kind of a rock/paper/scissors situation. I run a variety of different defenses, and each one of them can stone cold shut down a play. However, if a different play is called by the offense, it will almost certainly be a TD. So, I run a defense to stop that play, but then the first hole is exposed once again.

Obviously running plays with some delay to them is quite deadly if you have the time to let the play develop. Since the defense does not run into the backfield after RB's until they have the ball (they hone in on the QB...or whoever has the ball), RB's can hang around unharrassed by just getting as far away from the QB as possible and not advancing past the line of scrimmage. You can offset this RB advantage by running plays for your TE and WR to get the ball in the backfield depending on the opposing defense configuration.

No matter how you slice it, there is always going to be that rock/paper/scissors element to your play calling in both directions. While one play will score a TD against defense A, it could be a total loser against defense B. This then comes back to scouting and being familiar with your opponent and understanding their tactics and all that good stuff.

Finally, as for skill rating, it is semi unimportant in the greater scheme of things. Defensive players have about 9 categories you need to max. Whatever their ratings are in the other stats (such as kick power, passing, etc.) are factored into your total team rating. Whether they are maxed or barely above 0 in these categories greatly impacts your team rating...but it doesn't change the quality of your players you have on the field. Once again, if this is really a big concern, feel free to scout out your opposition. The best way to compare teams to see how you stack up is to compare your championship levels. Never underestimate the power of that +5 ceiling between each level.

Good luck!
02/06/17 18:19
I get what you are saying but it's not what I'm saying. I have just beat someone 5 levels above myself. I was never tackled on first down all game. Every single one went for td. My running backs were often dodging 2 or 3 players to score these tds. The opposition scored 4 kr tds again dodging multiple defenders each time. Please explain how either of us have used advanced tactics in this game?
02/06/17 20:40
So basically your complaint is that your RB is doing his job and the opponent can't tackle, yes? I just don't get why you'd wish to penalize the run game for that. I'd be thrilled if my lv20 team could walk all over lv 24's, I guess you got a magical RB.
02/06/17 22:23
There is obviously more going on than just these factors. I have no idea what levels this guy who is 5 levels above you has for defenders and what their levels are for tackle, anti juke, etc. vs your RB. Ditto for your specials teams. I use different players on special teams than offense or defense to keep them fresher. They tire out quick, and playing on offense or defense will tire them out even faster yet. Perhaps they are an old inactive team. Perhaps their sliders in the strategy building are way too low for where a team of their levels should be. Perhaps you have better play design than their defense.

Like Sam happy when your team does well. I am sure there are other teams 5 levels above your team who you cannot beat. And most likely there are some more that you can. There is an explanation, but there is not enough information provided to give you a better answer.