Time of Championship games starting

02/03/17 06:35
I thought I would post this in "Ideas", but it's more of a question that I doubt anyone will be able to answer, so it's more of a suggestion (and I have no idea if those are read, or if Q is the middle man with this stuff, or really if it matters at all). But...I digress.

Anyway, I was just wondering why the level 17 championship is played at 3:41 AM for me? I am central time USA, and I realize others are in different time zones. I believe there are 3 level 17 championships out there, and 7 of those players are in PRO BOWLERS. So, I guess I can say that should be a large enough sample size to at least extrapolate some data. Of the 7, six of us are in USA, so it's between 1:40 and 4:40. The other two times that would start central time are 1:31 AM and 8:48 AM, so I don't know what to make of that as that's quite a range. The entire time range is pretty crappy.

I think all my championship games have either been somewhere between 9 PM and 10 PM or 1 AM - 2 AM. This is the first time I've had this time slot.

I suppose the point being is all these times are not very convenient or even times that make any sense for the vast majority of our guild. I don't know if Aggie's guild (perhaps roughnecks can speak for the demographics of it as I know I've seen him post in here from time to time) is filled with our "friends across the pond", but our guild it doesn't make much sense for generally speaking. Prime time in PRO BOWLERS is usually when you would expect...about 5 PM to 10 PM my time. Much activity abounds, and it is nice. It all culminates with some championship games for the vast majority between 9 PM and 10 PM.

I am sure there are ample level 1 championships that probably end up computer vs. computer (or probably more on level 3 and 5 as I would expect people to play for at least a few days, but if they fizzle out, it will be a week or 2...and those teams go on...and on...and on...). I will call those the "less than epic" games. They seem like prime time to play those always thrilling AI vs. AI battles.

So, unless we find out that Aggie's guild is a whole bunch of non-Americans (and between our two guilds we have 19 of the estimated 42 level 17 players), I think it would be much more enjoyable generally speaking if the times were a tad more friendly to not end up being an AI vs. AI battle. Needless to say, redskins (who lives in Indiana) and I (who lives in Wisconsin) are a tad bummed out that the best game of the day (of which most of us play double digit a day) is at such an odd time. I mean....3:41 AM? Who's up at that time?

I suppose that's my thought on that. Take what you wish out of it. For the record, I'm not holding my breath of some sweeping change, and I just roll with it as it comes (for those that have read my other postings/musings about your inane threads). All is well, and I enjoy the games I play. But, if the big one of the day could fall at a more pleasant time, that would be just peachy.

Have a good day.
02/03/17 17:32
Each time we have this glitch our games go from prime time to the AM. Its understandable you would miss this; having cocktails and relaxing like you always do. Have another drink, kid.
02/03/17 17:50
HAHAHAHA!!!! YO Barry!! REALLY?!?! How many times you do capitlaize pro bowlers? Compensating much? Even worse, you have to cling to Aggie for justification because yours is not good enough? LOL!! Wow, BUT, my favorite,...

"(for those that have read my other postings/musings about your inane threads)."

Who the **** are you? People are posting there feelings and concerns, and you insult them?

Then you do the exact same ******* thing?

You just made yourself look like a total ass, all by yourself. At least you accomplished one thing with this thread.

02/03/17 18:04
Jason you just need to relax a bit on the language please bud, it is a family forum with kids logging on
04/03/17 13:32
I'm not a super-ranked team, of in a high ranked guild (really? maybe conference or division would be a better term?) but having all the season games play between midnight and 3AM kinda makes this a 'check in once in a while to train' game instead of an 'invest your time and money because you actually get to play it' game.

(See? You gotta show them the finance angle or they have no reason to make players happy.)
09/03/17 05:55
I've had morning/evening leagues before, it happens. I think the 3 AM games from our perspective are because it's a French company that's trying for European popularity