25/02/17 22:26
As of now I have been waiting 23 hours for a new tourney. And its still only 5/8. Is there nothing that can be done about this? Im level 16 and I have to assume there are not enough players to choose from. Maybe add some generic, computer run teams, that at least give us a chance at having a tourney game every day. Just like the lower level players get.
26/02/17 04:04
Great point!
One of main reasons why playing was not fun anymore for my old team, at least for me. It would be best interest for TDM to make a necessary adjustments for the higher lvls to keep serious players from leaving.
It gets too slow, in terms of upgrading/bidding on AH/setting up brackets and so on, once a player reaches top lvl.

Just something developers of the game should think about. TDM is a great game nonetheless, so thanks Sublinet;)
26/02/17 05:26
Hi guys! I'll probably be in the same boat here soon. But how about a automatic start over for all those teams at LV16? But still think they should increase it to lv 20 like the buildings. Then you can get a fresh new team.
26/02/17 10:59
I know this isn't going to help much solving the problem right now but in a couple of seasons as more players reach the top levels the time for generating a new tournament will decrease.
26/02/17 16:07
Thanks for the answer, qBall. I think you are a good moderator and I appreciate the time you take to answer my questions. Frustration hits hard at times but I still enjoy playing. I know you have your own guild but if you ever feel the need to "just get away" I would be happy and proud to have you in our guild. Take care!

Toptown Dredd
26/02/17 16:35
Thank you Judd, it's a real compliment coming from you and is much appreciated.

I understand the frustration and I've been through it before in some of the other Sublinet games so I try to alleviate this where I can as I know it gets better
28/02/17 01:03
Waiting an extra day for tourneys....waiting 40+ hours for a "suitable opponent" in guild challenges...the match bonus fun....these are just a few of things none of us have any control over. So, I say just relax. Have a cocktail (assuming you are of age to have a cocktail of course). There is no point in moaning about those things you cannot control...and this my friend is something you cannot control. Plus, you need not worry about any of your little blue men getting injured or having them injure the vile and hated "red team".

Now, go relax and be merry.
28/02/17 20:20
Only if it's fruity and delicious.

I don't care, they taste better!