2 new teams looking for a guild

23/02/17 22:53
2 new teams Big Tel and 4king great, just started playing still level one, looking to join a guild, preferably together.
24/02/17 02:03
Gotta get to Stadium 7 and get that guild hall up. Good luck!
24/02/17 13:37
I've got to level 7 and got guild hall up. Most of the guilds are invite only. That's why I'm asking on here.
24/02/17 19:32
Frank and Guest. Go to Guild screen, click top guilds, click show more, until you get to # 28. The Coalition of Conquerors. From there, both of you play Myrtle Beach Raiders in a friendly so I can find you, and will invite you. We love to help out players.
24/02/17 20:03
We over at the Football Gladiators are looking for bright new talent. No invite needed. -)