Returning to the game

23/05/18 10:39
Hi guys havent been on for a while and trying to find Guild of dreams, had a team called la cueva bears anyone know there new guild name?
23/05/18 13:45
GoD is dead I'm afraid, what was your team name when you were with them? I set up their academy along with LC and can help you find a new home/your old guild mates
23/05/18 14:08
Bristol combe. Shame was a good guild
23/05/18 15:52
Bristol Combe, we are in Try Again, same guild, different name. My LC team is in Damage Inc. A lot went down and I folded Guild of Dreams into the academy, Dream Academy and changed the name to Try Again
23/05/18 16:17
hey Bristol , yeah we graduated the academy into it's own guild, we'd love to have you back with us, a lot of the guys that were there when you were with us are still going strong
23/05/18 16:35
Brill rebuilding now from scratch be good to come back