Low Level Train/ Retirement Guild

09/02/19 21:27
Sup All....
I started a low level/ retirement Guild for those who want to start a new team and take your time Training them. No Pressure, just join, train, upgrade and chill.

Open to anyone and No Pressure to Join any Guild.

Guild name is SlaughterHouse Z

... Z ...
09/02/19 21:29
Also can leave when your ready to Join the Guild of your Choice.

As far as GC's go...well that would depend on all in the Guild

... Z ...
10/02/19 02:17
Retirement Teams welcome... Just Chill and Do Your Thing

... Z ...
12/02/19 12:45
Another Note: The SlaughterHouse is a Come and Go as you Please Guild.

Train those Baby Sized Teams at your own Pace with no Hassle from GC's or Pressure to advance.

Semi-Retire your Big Teams to re-Group or just Save.

All Guilds are welcome to join and there is no or will be no Recruitment to Certain Guilds. Just a Growth/Retire Guild

Z-Nation Militia
... Z ...
12/02/19 23:33
Pretty cool idea Z. When I retire, I will spend my golden years there =)

Side note: I will outlast you all Lol
13/02/19 00:42
That I do not doubt Jammin...you Are the Diehard TDM Player for sure...lol
... Z ...