Another to mooners

17/02/18 22:52
Mooners, you are our usual no collusion no corruption guy. What are your thoughts on this new kotj guy?
18/02/18 20:25
Sorry if i'm being a dumbass, but what is kotj an abbreviation of?
18/02/18 20:36
King of the jungle, look for the cheating forum, the guy who makes db look like a genius
18/02/18 20:56
30 pages man, i'm not reading that But from the very few comments i read i actually think you're quite similar in your personalities and way of wording your thoughts. Far more articulate than i could manage. Opposites attract, right? You obviously disagreed on a topic and thereafter burnt your bridges with each other. It could easily have gone the other way. Sorry if i've missed the vital comment he made but i'm not reading all of that
More to the point, what's your opinion on him?
18/02/18 21:14
He says you aren't a rugby player or fan, that nobody on here is. I don't go that far but if I did I could at least make a coherent sticking proof, lol
18/02/18 21:15
I thought you would hate him since he calls you a cheat
18/02/18 21:20
Oh i'm a cheat am i? Can't wait to read this one. Which page?
18/02/18 21:37
Anyone who has ever used mb, not you by name. Just everyone but him
19/02/18 12:12
Talking about draws, i see you and your guild leader drew your champ game not long ago mooners. isnt that a ban for you? did you file a ticket?
19/02/18 12:32
Team name and guild or i'm not interested in speaking to you.