Dream Academy

21/11/17 07:29
Are you a new player looking for an active guild to help you learn your way around the rucks, mauls and tackles of this game?
Or perhaps you're an experienced player that enjoys coaching those new to the game,

Then have we got the guild for you,

Dream Academy is a new guild set up in conjuncture with Guild of Dreams to help active new players learn the ins and outs of the game without the in-activeness many guilds for new players experience, we have players from around the world and welcome you whether you're from Timbuktu, Tipperary or Taipei

If you are prepared to actively send and receive heal kits, take part in regular Guild Challenges, and want to part of a friendly helpful guild, then look us up and start living the dream
21/11/17 09:15
Well written, mate. Build it and they will come.
03/12/17 19:31
3 spots available for any active players wanting to join
23/05/18 10:59
Where is this guild now. I
23/05/18 15:48
Bristol Combe, it's called Try Again. Same members, different name