Players playing out of position

07/06/16 13:47
I would like to see players playing in the positions they are designated......either tweak player skills by backs have a higher to speed...forwards are stronger...4/5s have a higher lineout rating.....or penalise players way out of backs in the scrum
07/06/16 14:03
Totally agree with this. Some teams are just made up of fullbacks and fly-halves and having a decent scrum-half seems pointless as it's cheaper to buy a No8 and train them up.
10/06/16 00:30
why ? seriously
12/06/16 15:22
Biggest glitch in the game, my team is all 15's for backs all num 8's or 6-7's for forwards. Cheap to buy high rated and zero impact on performance for playing out of position