guild trading

06/03/16 18:18
Just started this topic off in the guild I am in.
I was think If the administration would look into this.
Trading players in our own guild ?
For example I'm at level 10 and if I was to sell a player position 6 at stats 50 and is 27 year old it wouldn't sell. But if I could give it to a team in our guild it would benefit them the cost of transfer could be for admin to decide whether free transfer or send and offer amount thank you the people who have taken time to read it hope this will be a good idea to go forward.
12/03/16 06:33
Sounds great, but will only benefit top guilds. Everyone should train or buy their own palyers in open market.
12/03/16 14:06
Not really think about it . Let's say I've just bought a fullback and a 6 and 7 . All three of them are stats 60 and age 19. Them three I'm replacing are stats 49 and age 27 . In my league them players are no good and they wouldn't sell they would just be taken off my team . But if I could trade them in my guild I could give them to a team that could benefit from them at no cost . Or at cost depending on how 5he admin goes ahead with this idea .
12/03/16 21:22
It would have to be to a team of the same championship lvl or higher,unless the extra points are redeemed so the new owner can apply them elsewhere. Just to stop a lvl 10 having players with 105 acceleration and penetration playing against teams that are limited to 85