Debate for MB

11/10/17 14:11
GvG mb is flawed for the reason listed above, it cannot be used by both in the same match which takes strategy out of the picture. At least in champ and tourney (I pity the fool that uses it in tourney without a maxed out sim city) it can be used by both so there is some debatable strat involved. Also, I feel gvg should be a measure of guild ability. Most should end in a draw (if matching were done correctly, which it is not). But any guild that has an unbeaten gvg record with mb use, or a lossless streak, should have an * after the record. But this is purely my opinion. With all this said, I have used in champs, I have never used in tourney or gvg and I want it gone.
11/10/17 14:40
Monks I am hoarding cash under my stadium for the release of Sim City Level 25.
11/10/17 14:42
I still can't hoard cash, need it for my mb to get 1 gold ball in tourney!
11/10/17 16:58
One of the fallen legends of the game :

Monks I am hoarding cash under my stadium for the release of Sim City Level 25.

Careful of that button. *Click* *poof*
11/10/17 23:37
Ashley Longthorn :

I don't mind anyone using it in GVG challenges because your playing for your team your not playing for yourself but in championships it should be down to outright skill as it's like rewarding technically horrendous players promotions which means some players who aint even that good get to see the best players in the AH . Like without MB theres no way i'd of got to 46 and it's robbing more knowledgeable players of wins and promotions however if your thinking of removing the MB the sports shop needs to be replaced too as that's like an added boost in itself when you buy all the items.

Difference with shop bought enhancements is that they can be seen in advance and thus worked against.
12/10/17 18:38
We are the Hutchie :

TerraNovan Phalanx :

We are the Hutchie :

One of the fallen legends of the game :

The debate apart from one comment has actually bought the forum to life with both sides of the argument being hit fairly and in the essence of debate. Let's keep it that way.

Well said. And one other point, you cannot win a GvG match simply by using MB, you can only prevent a loss. I'm not saying that that means it is right to keep it, but the logic of Guilds complaining that they have lost a challenge match because the other Guild used MB is flawed. If it is kept, then I hope sweet nitro listen to the repeated requests to show it in the match stats.

I hear what you're saying bud, but it I do think there are times when MB can secure you a win in GVG.

For instance: the GVG is locked at 24-24. Guild A has 2 games left, but the last man standing is a higher level and they can't beat him. Guild B has no games left, they've played all their challenges. Guild A uses MB and wins the guild challenge.

That's just one simple example of how MB can affect a win or loss

I love a good debate and I did qualify my post by saying that you cannot win simply by using MB alone. To get to your example of 24-24, Guild B has played 50 games against Guild A and managed 24 wins. Guild A would not have been able to use MB in any of these games. So you are quite right that MB did affect the match result, but I would still contend that it was not the only reason that Guild B lost.

Fair comment
14/10/17 02:40
Even if it's a fair comment

fada623 :

Hello everyone,

We have in the idea to make a change at the level of match bonuses.

If you have ideas, thank you to develop them on this topic.

Thank you to provide a healthy and constructive debate.

Best Regard,


Just delete it... and give us at least the results about the vote ......

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