player with ball runs to his normal position and than back

27/01/17 20:17

Stop this being possible!

I saw this always when I play a match live:

1./3 = my goal 2./3 = midfield 3./3 = opponent goal
A player ,like a defender ,ist in the 3./3 gets the ball and could run to the goal to make a point
Instead he runs half of the field back to 1./3 to his old position, with the ball of course, and tries to move back to 3./3!!
Of course he looses the ball instandly.One time the opponent made directly a goal!!!

07/02/17 02:52
I agree with you totally, buddy!

The way this game is programmed, the algorithm is so ridiculous and unrealistic in quite a number of ways.

However, Sublinet's developers are unable to make the necessary amendments due to the lack of know-how required to improve this game.

Yet, how are Iranian teams able to put maximum speed for their players and not be injured or yellow-carded for all matches, and neither will their players be moving at a walking pace towards the end of the matches, only God (or Allah for Sublinet) knows! Is the algorithm only created to please the Iranians, Sublinet????!!!!!

What a travesty for a game that could be fun but for the cheating that is permitted by Sublinet, so, any ideas we have would be discarded, unfortunately...
17/02/17 17:37
n what else is new about sublinet that we do not know already? haha
19/02/17 10:41
thing said since 2015 but still no change