The BEGINNERS Guild local Tavern

31/12/16 13:55
Let's talk about anything here guild mates.
31/12/16 16:40
Crap! I forgot my I.D. Be right back.

Great idea my friend. I talked smack to try to get other player's attention so that we could all communicate.:) BTW, enjoy playing your team. You are really good. At the moment, it is new season, but kind of worried. Nobody has any games scheduled at the moment.
31/12/16 17:13
Thanx !! You have a better team than mine atm though. I am still learning the game and it's my first time playing a game about American Football. Come Back King show me how to defend by destroying me during 1 map game. Thanks to him for that . About the new season, let's wait until 2017( in EU we are still in 2016). I am sure there will be scheduled games very soon for everyone.

Have a Beer and cheers for the New Year !!!
(Sorry for my bad english too)
01/01/17 12:58
Topic 1 : What stats are important for a Wide Receiver (WR) ?
01/01/17 13:14
In my opinion, a WR need to be able to catch long pass ( Receiving and Reception Range ), to be fast ( Speed )

and to be durable ( Stamina ).

He also need to be able to dodge tackle from the CB or DL ( Juke ), to not fall on the ground after a successful

tackle ( Penetration Strength ), to avoid injuries after a successfull tackle ( Toughness ).The last core stat is

Carry that help your player to keep the ball after a successfull tackle from the opponent team defence (good way to

avoid Turnover ).

Did you guys agree with that or not ? If no why ?
01/01/17 17:02
TOGO that is an excellent assessment, though I would put them in a different order. And you say english is not your first language. I think you speak it, type it, whatever, lol, very well!
01/01/17 18:10
Thanks Mr. RILEY. Yeah i haven't put them in order but if i have to, i would have prioritize Toughness and Penetration strength.

That remember me about the nightmare of dealing with all the injuried players in early level...
01/01/17 18:19
Well here's my tip for the day, high rhythm increases your chances for injury
01/01/17 18:35
I agree with you. Another fact is that, in early levels ( from level 1 to let's say level 4), some people put lot of point in the

stat for their DL, LB and S. That also increase the chances of injury for your players ( RB, WR, TE ) when

you will face their team.
01/01/17 19:32
I just moved the thread to discussions as its not really related to guilds. Discuss on