Suggestions for improvements

14/09/18 03:06
I'll tell ya what I put in my koolaid if you tell me why I can't stop your return. Hard to tell if I have a good defense if
I never see it LOL
15/09/18 04:40
Good to see you back on the airwaves Jammin, I think you should be able to get a refund on your defensive players wages, can't remember the last time they got on the field! Haha BTW I found a secret stash of super koolade! Lol

29/11/18 03:22
Love the list sam!

Would add either dropping gear or making it available to buy ....

The bidding for gear has never made sense too me.. what football player has to bid on gear....


maybe go back too the old setup where Champ games rotate,, I dont know about anyone else.. but this 12:00am - 1am crap is for the birds..... I'm too damm old to be staying up till 1am to play a champ game... Rotate it so the USA crew can play some live
29/11/18 14:51
I agree that the Champ games should be at a more convenient time. My AI plays all of my Champ games due to the fact that I have to get my old ass up at 3:45-4: 00am to go to work.
29/11/18 20:10
damm zeke what kind of work do you do that gets you up before 4am.. ouch
29/11/18 21:26
I work in engineering. I don't have to go in that early. My actual start time is 6:30 am but I go in early so I can leave early. I do drink my fair share of coffee so I can function that early though.