Kickoff Returns for Touchdowns

14/08/18 19:55
I know this will fall on deaf ears but I will post it anyway because that’s the kind of mood I’m in right now.

Moderators/Developers, this is primarily for you guys so please “Take note of this”. I’m sure you know what I mean. Everyone else will no doubt.

This post is concerning the issue of Kickoff Returns for touchdowns that so many of us have endured for so long. I and others have sent numerous tickets on this issue with no evidence of improvement. Because of your obvious handicapped knowledge of American Football, I took it upon myself to provide you with NFL kickoff return statistics for an 11-year period and sent that information to you in a ticket over 2 months ago. I will post it again here but understand I can’t dumb it down anymore.

Ok, here it is again.

Kickoff returns for touchdowns - In an 11 season period 2006-2016 in the NFL, consisting of 512 regular season games. The average number of kickoffs was 1605.8 - Average #TD's was 12.45 - Average % of returns for TD's was 0.748. I know these big numbers can be intimidating to those that are intellectually challenged, but I’m sure I could explain it to you if you really wanted to understand it. Of course, you would have to pay me in Gold Balls as that is the standard currency in this realm.

I’m not really expecting a response but I have grown to love your stock responses of “Thank you for your feedback” and “We take note of that”, and as impressive as those are, my favorite is “Can you give me more details about the problem or an example in a match please?” after I’ve given you the time, date, game and a video clip of it happening. I thought a visual aid would help those that are functionally illiterate. I was wrong.

Thanks for nothing in advance,

15/08/18 02:07
Lmao! Agreed
15/08/18 04:33
I'll agree with this post as well. Something needs to be done, or better yet, should've been done, Long Ago

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15/08/18 22:29
Ha! Zeke, great post!