Curse of the cherry pickers

07/06/17 12:12
This is a message to guild leaders. Please kick cherry pickers out of your guild. They are vermin and the reason you keep losing guild challengers.

In 3 of the last 4 gcs I have faced I have lost to 7, 9 and 11 levels above myself. Now I would not mind this if the opposition didn't have players closer to my level or it was near the end of the gc but in 2 of the cases it was within the first hour. In all 3 case's we finished with either a guy 3 or 5 levels higher than myself undefeated.

It means your lower ranked guys have no one to realistically beat. It is selfish and it winds me up.

I do want to pick on one particular cherry picker as we have faced him twice recently and 3 of his matches he had a combined 32 levels higher than his opponents. All hail barkerpats of the French experts or whatever they are called. Unsurprisingly they lost both and I gladly beat him in both and will defeat him within the first 30 mins of any future challenge (he is higher level than me, naturally)
07/06/17 12:12
Rant over