03/12/23 23:31
If you had the luxury of picking 25 players to form a new super guild, which would they be at this precise time. This will be interesting.
03/12/23 23:35
My first pick would be

1. Gus, imho the best player ever to play the game.
04/12/23 23:34
My second pick would be Ruddies, always found him hard to beat, and hes still on top of his game after years.
05/12/23 17:27
My next pick would be Cobham.
10/12/23 02:28
My next pick is a Bluemooners. What a strat man. Doesnt mince his words lol. Always hard to beat.
10/12/23 15:25
We could be here for a long time discussing this. I won't mention the players you have as they are all excellent with Bluemooners being the pick of that bunch in my opinion. On a personal level a guy I found hard to beat is Hurricanes. He seems to be up and down a bit of late but when he's rolling, he's rolling and he did win the last special tournament...even though that was over a year ago now. I also think a couple of those Phoenix guys deserve a mention but their names escape me. I'll add them when I can. Simon spud slingers is ultra consistent and a tough nut to crack. I'm fairly sure he's around 40 straight seasons top level now. Blitzkrieg is hard to beat. Bokke is approaching his 43rd straight season top level (same as me). Lancelot is a legend of a player. I'm not sure why but I always found Lancelot harder to beat than Pam even though they're the same person. DHSFP has won multiple gold ball leagues and a great long standing player. Ralph Wiggins recently won the gold ball league 3 seasons in a row so he makes my list also. Yes he's currently a level below but I know he is at work most league games and I'm fairly sure he'd always be top level if he had the luxury of being online for all games. NZ Ass Kickers from Spuitpoep is much improved these days and he makes my list also. Also a massive mention to Campbell's Highlanders who through adversity keeps on keeping on.

I really could be here all day with this and I'm sure I'll add more names
10/12/23 15:30
10/12/23 19:30
My first pick is Waseem Valley. Been described as a loser on this platform, however he’s been a leader at the number 1 guild for a long time, including from the first day they were crowned number 1 right up until the current day. So he’s always been in that 25 so how could I ever leave him out of my 25. Blokes a legend.
11/12/23 10:31
My next pick would Simon Spud Slinger and Bokke. Both tough cookies.
13/12/23 17:59
NZ should be in there. Not many top teams can win a league match 70-0.