Challenge Victories vs Challenge Points

07/03/19 19:51
I am not sure why but in challenges completed over the last two weeks dont seem to gel or coinside for eg Our victories are increasing by one for each challenge won which is accepted. However our Challenge points for wins seem to be stagnant on a value......MY question is this, what is the delay in awarding points and what is the delay we have won 5 games in a row but the points have not increased by 15 as per the rules.....Can someone explain please
07/03/19 20:22
Challenge points are based on the results over the previous 60 days. If the result that is dropping off is the same as the current result, your points will not change.
09/03/19 05:39
Thank you you reminded me of the falling away of previous wins and losers
09/03/19 18:29
My second question then follows assuming that its a rolling 60 days as given: Now in 60 days max. challengers one can play is 40...assuming you win all 40, this gives 120 points max.....mmmmm so does this mean to say if we continue to win all our games we will reach 120 points and thereafter become stagnant and perhaps join a multitude of others in the same boat all on 120 where do we go from there.
09/03/19 21:59
Simple answer is that you won't win all of your guild challenges and get to 120 points. Once you get to the high 80's you will hit the top 10, there you have guilds like Damage, La Cag, The Care Bares, Vagina etc. These guilds are very tough and will probably beat any new top 10 entry without much hassle. Unless your guild is as good or better than these types of guilds then I wouldn't set your sights on 120 points.
10/03/19 19:57
the top 2 guilds in the game currently have 101 and 100 points respectively, to get to 120 you'd need to not only have a perfect record, but also perfect luck with getting immediate challenges the moment your previous one ended