13/12/18 07:36
How is it that the Game does not allow me to play in a challenge for a period of 48 hrs YET.....the computer put me as a member of the Challenge where i have been challenged by the opposition ........but when i try to challenge a member of the opponents it says i need to wait the 48 hrs
13/12/18 07:43
Enjoy the free cash....

Somebody must have left the guild after the Guild challenge started... the computer had already generated a 21 vs 21 Guild challenge.(for example)

You joined the guild within the 48 hours so you were not eligible to play. But because someone else left your team only had 20 players, the game automatically pulls you in to make it 21 vs 21.

Unfortunately this means you can't play but can get played... we have had the same before...

Dont stress about it, next GC you will be fine
13/12/18 08:17
Thanks......at least its been explained
13/12/18 08:21