Triple promotion rip off

02/03/20 16:43
Is there now any point in spending I think with the triple promotion Sweet nitro have shot themselves in the foot.

Lower level teams can now go up 3 levels so get to catch others who have worked for it. I have seen new teams start at levels above those who are already playing & they are constantly killing levels off to keep everybody bunched up in the hope of avoiding another farce like we had a while back where you suddenly found that you were in the same level as a team who were 8-9 levels behind you the previous season.

With all of these efforts to keep everybody bunched up they now have spending is becoming pointless as no matter how much you put in you will never be allowed to get very far away from the lowest level teams.

It seems to me that there is now little if any point in paying for anything & Sweet Nitro have managed to shoot themselves in the foot with this.