Latest Upgrade

26/07/19 18:53
I don't know if many of you have notice but there's been a small upgrade my version has gone from 7.15 up to 7.2 but can't see what they have done?
29/07/19 17:34
Got the same not noticed anything either hopefully it a anti cheating update
29/07/19 20:42
31/07/19 10:22
Think I have spotted it unless its a screw up there is no auction in the sports shop
02/08/19 11:22
That's the new thing there is no auction anymore.

the advantage is without the auction you pay less for things

the disadvantages are you cant get it all on day one using only cash they are trying to sucker you into paying to play so you can get enough gold balls to keep refreshing the shop so you can do it that way.

Its going to make money almost pointless as you will earn far more than you can ever spend in the sports shop the wankers should allow you to start buying gold balls with your earnings but somehow I doubt that will happen
03/08/19 08:31
no this happen b4 they done the auction house that was the 1st thing i look at
08/08/19 07:23
It was set in advance for this season however the messed up some are still on 7.15 & still have the auction this season