Adverts during games.

28/12/16 14:40
With the new update came longer adverts, which can pop up at anytime when you press something. What I'd like to ask is that you stop it happening during a game. By the time the adverts have finished, the opportunity to change the formation or a player has passed, or the game has finished.
It is frustrating at the best of times but there is no need for it to happen during any games. Please fix this.
30/12/16 02:47
AD's what ad's ?
I have never seen any
31/12/16 14:27
Are you not getting video ads?
31/12/16 14:39
Yeah boney are you playing via mobile cos I play via computer you see and I can't say I've ever seen the adverts you speak of?
31/12/16 16:42
Howdoo ash..aye I'm playing via mobile bud
01/01/17 21:34
Might explain i'm on computer you on android boney?
02/01/17 16:57
Yes bud..Google play video ads
02/01/17 21:13
Boney you get adds untio you make a purchase from sublinet.. when you buy something theyll stop
03/01/17 15:29
so basically the robbing bastards are forcing you to purchase disgraceful bet they wouldn't do it if you was Iranian different rules
04/01/17 15:20
Nah sod em I'm not buying owt! Havent updated it on my tablet, just the phone so I can see the rankings on that, it's up to us if we want to buy, we shouldn't be hounded for money!!