10/10/16 15:27
that would be really good, ash!!! i hope chris, gazza, u n the rest (except whales! he's useless! lol) will recover that drive asap n push uk elite upwards. see u lads back where u belong.
10/10/16 19:27
Errr leigh.. the newcomer
10/10/16 20:15
Will Whale :

Errr leigh.. the newcomer

ww, deep inside your heart u know u love your man u lads! hahaha!

jokes aside, let's get uk elite back up!
10/10/16 22:36
I just wanted to say thanks for inviting me. I am very happy where I am at present but wish you guys all the best and if I find a good player looking to move I will contact you.

Bollocks - Team Whales
10/10/16 22:55
Thanks De Fra we've invited tons as a guild and we''ve lost a few more today unfortunately and were not having much success getting people in were loosing more than were gaining at the moment but it may do us some good not to see the major guilds for a while and to have quality over quantity. A few of the lads have decided to take a break from the game and others have left for good. Were also now called world elite I would like to appeal to all nations as long as they can understand English then i'm all good with it. I'm taking a small break myself shortly and then I'll kickstart things again.