GC tablescore

12/09/16 19:26

For a while now i was thinking of this idea.Obvs we have our championship where we can all see the results however there isn`t a tablescore to see the results on Guild vs Guild.You don`t want to see all the matches,you just want to see the final score.I`m aware that not all guilds play at the same time however it can be updated once the GC finishes.

We always play our GC however is getting a bit boring so i want to see what other guilds do.

What you guys think!!!

FC Chris Milano

12/09/16 21:28
I think this is an excellent idea
14/09/16 19:54
Cheers Will Whale! Although it doesn't matter how many good ideas we have as no one listens to us! It's a shame as its a canny game!
15/09/16 15:24
Its spot on but itll be nice to see how guilds do in genral.. i think the rules which have changed bonus will make a lot more wins for the bigger guilds
16/09/16 19:32
yes an excellent idea but they won't listen unfortunatly