guild challenges

18/07/16 00:22
yes i know how you calculate the guild challenges by the average fan base of each team in that guild but surely it be a lot fairer on everyone if it was done on the average rating of the teams!!! i just started a new guild a few weeks ago and quite a few teams won't play or will do reluctantly because the guilds we get are a lot better than most of the teams in my guild!!! surely to encourage more people to play this game it would be a lot fairer and get a lot more people playing? the guild challenge is about the best thing you got going for the game so come on guys make it fairer for everyone
18/07/16 10:47
You can't compare teams with their players' average quality, it's absolutely not significant of their power. This indicator doesn't take into account strategy, and count all substitutes.
You win and lose fans when you win and lose games. That's why fans is a real indicator of victory rate.
18/07/16 11:27
Pierre, you could always use match bonus to win matches and thereby buy fans..
18/07/16 14:56
right i get wot you say BUT like the one that we about to start later there's a team in both guild's bout 50k fan base our 1 has a player rating of 34 star and there's is 64k fan base nearly twice as much so i can't see how you say that,s fair by going on fans alone!!!
19/07/16 11:11
Yes, it's right that at "low" level (actually below stadium 19-20), most teams have their stadium easily filled and the fans number depends more on the stadium level than on the team power.
I think it's more profitable to upgrade the stadium as much as possible as tickets incomes are huge.
Maybe it's too easy to gain fans.
30/07/16 20:01
most players build first to get the cash in my experience then build the quality of their teams to a high rating thats why it by faire to do it by the average rating than fan base because its so easy to get fans