training games

05/03/16 15:27
it is so wrong when some team 3 times stronger than u obviously beats you and you lose fans for it it is so unfair the programers need to do something about it
05/03/16 16:21
you are right. the teams you should be able to challenge should be arround your own level.

but in the end it is not real a big deal, because you just pla a challenge yourself and get your fans back, earn some money and get training points
05/03/16 16:29
I will suggest something to the devs, however it'll be low on the priority list, there are many more pending issues that needs to be rectified first
05/03/16 16:39
yes true vishal its just annoying and they also need to stop yr striker passing bk when hes in front of goal with only the goalie to beat
07/03/16 15:11
Ian, for the striker issue, try increasing the shooting distance..
08/03/16 17:14
ok thxs