bucs1 what is your problem

01/06/17 10:19
Not sure who you are but ive never gone after someone that was way below me.
01/06/17 10:43
Jason riley I ask you and the rest of you pitt panthers mad dog, marks raiders I am way lower than you. and you play me all the time i have noticed if you cant cause trouble in the live chat you are doing it on here, Jason you still gay dude ,just asking.. 9 teams picking on 1 or 2 if its not ok for don to play a way lower player than him ,why is it ok for you. you are going to have some gang banger stupid reply.and don lives in ky greenup
01/06/17 11:00
so dragons 74 we cant play you until your star level is 125 like the rest of your guild top gun whooped you and you cried as well. you are pretty much saying any one who can beat you is not to play you,
01/06/17 12:11
Bucs1 is playing friendlies that's my beef and when in the mid 30s on the map they have to take on someone way lower when they could beat almost anyone at that point in the map
01/06/17 15:17
Jason riley I think you have me confused my friend,yes it is a game
02/06/17 18:58
Grow up Don...
25/06/17 12:04
damm dom you would have hated the early parts of this game where we would friendly an entire guild for a whole weekend just cause someone like you cried like that... friendlies do not hurt... your gonna live...