Successful 4th down conversion gives the opposing team the ball

06/01/17 00:22
Haven't noticed this in a while, until a match today. 17:09 was the game time! Roughnecks v. Deviants. This MIGHT have had to do with the fact the quarter changed, dunno, but it was the first play in the second quarter. Needed about 3 yards, got 10, ball was turned over on downs. The first down line was missing on this play (haven't noticed this happen since I think you had fixed the issue from before).
Since my last post I had not seen the issue at all, and have seen several examples where everything should have worked as intended, which is what caused me to think there might have been a derp because of the quarter change.

Thanks for looking into this!
07/01/17 18:34
Perroit, do you want me to keep sending you the examples of when these occur or do you have enough info? Had another incident on this today.

11:22 today, Roughnecks v. AAAAA 2nd quarter with 2 minutes left. Needed to get to the 31, got to the 23, defense came on the field.
22/02/17 22:21
Guess we are back at this topic.............

It would be very nice if this was permanently corrected and consistent. I have seen games here the 4th down conversion works fine, and then again where it doesn't.

Today's instance was a tourney game. Game time 1502, roughnecks v Aggie mcnasty, event occurred with no time left in the 3rd quarter. I needed to get to the 40, and got to the 44, turn over on downs.
17/03/17 23:01
I have had this happen to me multiple times in the past few weeks. On 4th down i clearly get enough for a first down,but end up on defense. It's ridiculous,especially when it happens in close games.