Play testing

03/04/17 23:59
Is it just me or is the play testing feature really bugged?
Most of the players don't nearly do what my arrows tell them to do. My linemen aren't shifting at all and the QB doesn't want to target the player I told him. Instead of the WR I told him to target he passes to an OL player. And I had a situation where my QB passed to my RB followed by my RB passing to a DL player.
Am I doing something crazy wrong?
04/04/17 01:31
Couple of things (the play tester does some crazy things) if you have the folder setting to auto delay and the QB is pressured he will throw wherever he can including a OL. Sometimes no matter what you draw the AI takes over and does what it wants. Basically it shows you this play might not work and you should test it in friendly matches.
04/04/17 03:58
That play tester is almost worthless. The best way to truly do some play testing is play some friendlies against whoever you want. Usually guys in your guild are good opponents if they are around as they can give you some feedback as well. Or you can play just random people from random guilds if you are looking for some easier or harder opponents than what is in your guild.'ll find way more success testing plays in friendlies and then going back and watching the tape and slowing it down and pausing it to analyze everything.