Why search for a gc if you're not going to play?

27/04/18 22:33
Phalanx Damage Inc. :

l-l•Sharkie•l-l mongrel :

Fair play to LE XV De France. Played most of their games and a good scrap for the draw.
Problem is that now we've drawn Damage Inc.
A fair few 64's and 65's in there hey Phalanx

It's been good so far bud. Nice to play against a guild that doesn't use match bonus in GVG!

No worries mate, I'm not a fan of MB either. Great start for you guys.
28/04/18 21:31
Well done on the GC win Damage Inc. to many top level players for us unfortunately. Hope to meet up again in a couple of seasons.
03/05/18 16:45
Currently playing "the french ovalie" with less than 50 mins left in our challenge and they still have 27 unused challenges. This lot should either disband or not bother hitting the search button for a GC!!!!

We can understand a few teams not playing some or all their matches due to real life but this is beyond a joke!