New strat

01/03/18 22:40
Best advice join a active guild, look for a guild with some high ranking teams in it
01/03/18 22:43
Try setting pass distance higher
02/03/18 09:06
Guest 1JTU4W :

Ehi dudes, i don't actually find a good strat for my team. I replay don't understand how make a good strat even if i play since i was 10 years old... I Also Try to whatch a lot of games played from my team but what i ask to them Never happen....

Forse example i would Like to play more with the backs and lessi with forwards... Even if is in 100% they don't pass that ball

I'am really losing Hope about this game.

Somebody hot suggests ?

The tip I would give is when you lose a game to a team whose style you like, go into their team and look at how each and every player is set up in their strategy instructions and training.

Also - no more auto assign on your points!

I'll send you my consultancy bill in the next thread

And yes, please stop swearing. Posts in forums last forever and lots of people end up reading them


I decided to edit this as I felt I gave you the answer too easy on a plate. The way to solve your problem with playing less with your forwards and more with your backs lies squarely with the 'strategy instructions' on each of your players.
02/03/18 17:03
Ok i"ll try make my setup. It look so hard
03/03/18 16:46
There are several good strats and lots of not good strats. It's all about the combination
03/03/18 19:24
Try playing with your forward - threequarter settings. That will give the back priority. Higher the better.
07/03/18 02:53
Check the individual strats on the top teams in your championship and tournaments, try out a few similar settings on your own players until you find one that works for you, and yes looking for an active guild with good players helps loads for getting good advice, also read all the forum threads you can, nobody posts direct strategy guides on here but you can pick up loads of hints and tips to improve your game