Why ain't we punishing teams that constantly kick and run the clock down?

18/11/17 10:44
This is really bugging me and I'm coming close to uninstalling the game due to a shed load of teams just kicking the ball dead from everywhere on the pitch.

It's stopping people actually running the ball at all, time is wasted and ruins the game for alot of gamers.

I know a lot of people will say it's in the game why not use it? It can't be punished? But why not change the way kicking is used in game?

Anyone who has played rugby at a good level knows kicking can be a weapon but the amount in this game is unreal.
18/11/17 15:48
it's so easy to make a pass and run game and if you know how much more effective too as I've recently found out with the right settings but i have no problem with people who want to kick it long all the time just means I can have more of the ball. Although Suggesting we should punish teams for what the is in the real life rules of the game is just plain daftness and will never happen.
If your good enough you'll break it down if your not you won't .
18/11/17 18:22
I'll give you an example, my most recent league game I played the opposition kicked 15 times and those kicks was dead each and everytime. The amount of time wasted kicking then bringing the ball back to where it was kicked then resetting the scrum and off he kicks again.
I couldn't turn him over in the scrums no matter how much I changed my scrum aggressiveness. I made my subs which helped but it was too little too late due to the amount of time wasted.
I know punish is a strong word but you will never see a real game like that as no fans would turn up due to the sh!t show and scrums have different out comes even if a team is dominated in a scrum ie: penalty for the front row standing up, binding etc.

Surely this game can tweak how the kicking game works in this app? From the guy kicking the ball dead then fed into the scrum is around 4/5 minutes in game time which is way too long. In terms of the game in my example it works out at around 60/75 minutes of In game time he wasted.
18/11/17 18:47
Seems if a team has a dominant scrum they would use this tactic and your best bet to win the game that is shared by all of us is to improve your scrum.
18/11/17 18:57
Although not pretty its a strategy, that apparently worked for your opponent. Why punish him for outsmarting you?
18/11/17 23:47
Coach, I certainly wouldn't say it was a case of being out started, it's exploiting the way the app is played. That tactic certainly wouldn't work In a real game.

I tried adjusting my scrum aggressiveness but he kept on winning the scrum.
18/11/17 23:47
19/11/17 03:25
The other player probably put more training emphasis on the scrum.
19/11/17 05:37
Yup, must also remember that the game has an issue with kicking. It kicks the ball dead no matter what.

That being said, yes, you could outsmart him if you wanted to. Just gotta know how
19/11/17 08:58
I reward my players a beer every time they Kick the Ball dead