Update 3.43 patchnotes

02/02/18 16:54
Hey guys,

The new update is live, you should be able to download it soon!
- Speed up chests by watching a video (once per day)
- Get an extra reward after a victory by watching a video
- New random card: play with random characters in your setup!
- New special offers in the shop
- End of turn abilities and sudden death no longer applied if round is over
- Fixed bug where some characters did not trigger their end of turn power
- Fixed bug causing errors on Map Area 42
- Fixed Awa's poison not triggering if he had died

Rebalancing (on Monday):
- King's HP per level raised from +8% to +10%
- Awa's feathers damage increased from 35 to 40

05/02/18 10:26
The extra rewards through watching videos and the speedups were nice but stopped appearing after the first day.
Is there a limit?
05/02/18 12:56
1 per day for the speeding up for chests. No limit for the videos after a victory
06/02/18 09:35
Hey guys, we are also doing some tests so video frequency and timings will probably change a bit now and then, we might also stop videos if needed for a while
25/03/18 21:26