Hookers and Beer Now open/ recruiting

06/01/19 01:06
As much as I wish I would have done this when I first returned to the game... I'm doing it now..

Hookers and Beer is the Brotherhoods Training guild.. If your new and or just want to learn how to play with the big dogs,, this is your chance to get off the porch.. Learn from some very solid players and have a blast doing it....

It's gonna take us a bit to get the guild up to speed and get it filled....

so be patient... we have some amazing teams that will be helping out..

doors are open just look for Hookers and beer in the guild search and hit join!

09/01/19 05:33
Good luck! Only way to keep this game alive and compete with pimps is get new members interested and hooked. And winning is fun. Teach them right from the start and you will have some super teams on ur hands it's been fun growing with my lil guild
10/01/19 14:31
ya I loved the trip[ up TBH..

15/02/19 01:59
a few spots open in hookers and beer folks...