Lets talk NFL Playoffs

05/01/17 18:11
you know I think The Phins Match up well against the Steelers..
But The steelers match up better against NE..

Truth is i am a huge phins Fan.. we have been a long time out of the playoffs and I think this will be a short trip for us..
Just too banged up...

Maybe KC?

as much as it hurts to admit I don't think there is a team in the AFC that can beat NE

The NFC is another story...

Dallas has had san amazing season.. ATL when playing at the top of there game looks nasty.. The Hawks well the hawks just know how to play..

don't know if i could pick a team i would call a lock...

If i had to pick right now.. who would get to the SB from the NFC.. I think I would have to pick Dallas....

what do you guys think

07/01/17 00:04
I'm being a homer, but Dallas is a lock to win the NFC lol

Only team that scares me is the Hawks, the Falcons just aren't solid enough in a couple aspects (yes, I know the Falcons are the 2 seed, but if you swap divisions for the Hawks and Falcons the Hawks would have fought for a 1 seed).

As for AFC, the Raiders would have had a shot at beating NE if their car(r) hadn't broke down.
29/01/19 04:50
Looking back at all these old post. Got me to thinking, what is the common factor in all the post. The PATRIOTS in the SuperBowl again!!!! Sorry no disrespect intended.
30/01/19 01:53
Go home and deflate your balls ken lol
30/01/19 14:40
Randy Young :

Go home and deflate your balls ken lol

Come on Randy, the phins pulled off the best win of the year against the patriots and cost them home field advantage in the AFC title game.
I am starting to think that you have a infatuation for deflated balls.
30/01/19 15:53
hey that and 1972 is all a phin Fan has...