Flood the admins with tickets

04/12/16 20:40
Hi all,

I think most would agree with me if I was to say how long we've waitied for guild challenges is beyond a joke. So I have a favour to ask of all the members from all guilds to come together put any rivalry aside we may have and flood sublinet with tickets on a daily basis. We might not get a response, but you what they say if you don't ask you don't get try to keep it polite, but if enough players send tickets in regards to the guild challenges we may just get our way for once. Failing that we threaten strike action and to stop playing the game the less people playing the game means the less money they will get and when the people start hitting them where it hurts in the pocket they will be forced to listen

so who is with me?
04/12/16 22:14
Im with you enough is enough .its time to do these challenges