Join us at Rampant Ruckers Unlimited now!

23/11/22 07:33
We're an established guild looking for new members. We regularly compete in guild challenges and like a bit of banter. Newcomers and experienced players welcome.
04/09/23 22:22
I'm leader of black Venom we played your guild sometime back it was a very good match. I know abingdon very well . I hope you get the players your guild deserves we recently had a clear out of deadwood and went as low as 20 members . I asked the entire guild to send as many invites as they could and gave them a criteria to stick to that they needed to play challenges which they can look at in schedule and then i gave them a min level to improve the quality of what we had and the depth, now I donot have a single member that is completely innactive.

Infact my guild is almost too active lol and I had someone recently leave because we wiped a guild out and a few of my guys hadn't had a chance to play which was sad, but we are in a far better place than what we was and it all stemmed from just clearing out the deadweight . Even if you all send 10 invites a day min 20 members a guild that 200 invites as a guild you've sent and all you need is one or two of those 200 to say yes and then you can move on anyone else thats deadwood to you