#Rugga Rebels

13/12/18 08:25
#Rugga Rebels has 1 spot opening at the end of Guild challenge... if you want to grow and learn come join us... Last 3 seasons records.. 23 finished top 3 of their championships, 21 finished top 3 of their championships, 21 will finish top 3 of their championships this season...

If you want to dominate your championship come join us we will teach you.....
13/12/18 10:53
#notiftheyareinmychampionship (unless the are KOTJ)
13/12/18 10:57
Targaryen Dragons :

#notiftheyareinmychampionship (unless the are KOTJ)

Upi only take up 1 spot so still top 3 LOL... but we will make sure you get KOTJ next season lol
21/12/18 20:09
Good luck for this next GC lads, we wish you well at WEFC. Have a good crack boys.
22/12/18 13:29
Thanks bro... Slightly out gunned i would say... LOL but we still love the challenge... Good luck
22/12/18 20:49
Yeah slightly outgunned, but you gotta love a challenge, ha ha. Only 11 games left for you boys to play, not bad. I need some new shoes so come at me :D. Seriously though, well done, you have taken a few of us, the only way teams improve is through playing games and learning a lite through their opponents.

Enjoy the rest of it and good luck for future GC's. We may meet again.
30/01/19 22:36
boo strauss, disappointed in you
05/02/19 00:17
is it guild policy now to be a bunch of quitters?
05/02/19 02:19
Hey Targ. Hope you are doing well.
Just saw ur messages... definitely not a guild policy... we have just sent a message within the guild to not duck any challenge.
The fun in this game is to play against challenging players... not to win against easy opponents...
Definitely don’t like to see players give up before a fight.

Sending you an apology from #Rugga.
05/02/19 02:45
Thanks KOTJ, always had a lot of respect for you guys, so to have 2 quiters in 2 tournaments both from your guild was quite rage inducing, look forward to future clashes against you, promise I won't forfeit