Guild challenge opposition

17/05/18 04:31
has the formula changed? we (try again) have 25 players and 3,127,500 fans and we just drew a guild (England RFU) with just over 4mil fans and 22 teams. That gives them an average of 182485 fans and we have 125100 average. 182485*0.8 = 145988
17/05/18 08:05
The problem is that the GC is worked out on average fans (ie guild total fans divided by number of teams) and then they allow a 30% +/- for your opponent. Think about it - that allows a 60% difference in fans and, arguably, strength. I have consistently said that this margin should be +/- 10% giving a potential difference of 20%. Many of the issues raised her would disappear if they did that.
18/05/18 00:06
they allow a 20% normally not 30, and a good active guild can often beat much stronger opposition, if you want to bitch about the system, then it being based on fans is the bigger problem, as fan level means sfa, but my question wasn't about the unfairness of it all, but if anyone has heard if the criteria has changed
21/05/18 15:56
Utterly stupid the way Guild match ups work ! Having forced us all to merge to meet the new rules, we now have to put up with playing Guilds with teams 5 or 6 levels above our top teams. All we ask is a fair match up, and using crowds to match up is flawed, they can lose many matches to fix the crowds. Maybe use the top 15 players per team to match up Guilds ?