Paying to pogress a level

09/02/18 18:02
Guest 1EIOI7 :

Thanks for reporting back. I'll be doing this or quitting at the end of this season, at the moment it's 50/50

I find most of the fun these days is to be had in the guild - playing friendlies against decent teams in your guild (and/or inhouse competition), general rugby chat and banter, Guild Challenges, WhatsApp and facebook group for developing and sharing strategies - all that good stuff.

I now use championship and tournament games as training games - I field my B team basically in order to get the extra training points for the developing players and sub one or two if I need to secure the win. The real competition comes in the guild challenges then.

Perhaps you just need a change of atmosphere? If so look us up. Our guild is The Exiles and my team is called Wales. Feel free to play a few of us and we'll undoubtedly chuck you an invite in return - no obligation to accept it.