Brothers in Arms

24/11/17 23:49
I'm going to have a crack at a serious forum post here.
We are currently looking for new players to join our guild. It's probably best I don't describe us in detail but we're looking for keen active players looking to reach the top levels and climb the rankings. We are match bonus free in gvg's and have a reasonably good record. Plenty of help available and hopefully good banter. Please play Rhino or Myself for an invite (Preferably Rhino in a training match and use lots of subs).
25/11/17 04:12
If playing rhino be sure to do at least 5 matches so that he understands your intentions.
26/11/17 19:47
I'm extremely grateful for the invite cheers and maybe one day, I do however thoroughly enjoy the development of younger players and my current guild. All the best FS.